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Single Working Women Today

Today's SWW If you're single and earning your own living today--and more and more women are making this choice--you're most likely doing more than women of any previous generation.

You don't just bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan (okay, microwave) and serve it. You also buy the groceries and wash the dishes! You clean the house--and take out the garbage. You shop for, feed, nurture, groom, walk, and clean up after the pets--and take 'em to the the vet. You shop for, buy, wrap, deliver gifts--and get cards for--for friends and family. And then you attend their special occasions (showers, weddings, baby gifts, kids' birthdays).

The economy depends on you!

And now it's your turn...

Read all about our own special hoilday, Single Working Women's Week, here.

Read about all the benefits you can gain by joining your fellow SWWANs in a celebration of our passionate, creative lifestyle!

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