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Meet the SWWAN Founding Members and Advisors

The SWWAN® story

It started on a gorgeous Easter Sunday morning when 3 single working women were sitting around the table sharing a champagne-and-strawberries brunch to celebrate the day.

"I've just spent a blue fortune on the showers, bachelorette parties, and weddings of three friends," said one friend. "How come we single women get to spend all this money on friends who are becoming part of a two-person-and-usually-two-income household--and we have no special day when people can buy presents for us?"

Suddenly a truth became clear: how "invisible" single women are in our couples-oriented society. One friend said, "Hey, I know how to get official holidays proclaimed. I'll submit this idea, and if they approve it, we'll see what we can do to change the world." Thus was born the idea for Single Working Women's Week.

Chase's Calendar of Events, the official book of world holidays, agreed, and set the first annual Single Working Women's Week for the first week of August, 2007.

And then came SWWAN--the Single Working Women's Affiliate Network. Read about our Mission, Vision, and Values and our People.

We've been working ever since to find ways to help each other celebrate our courage and creativity and to enhance the single lifestyle. We invite you to join us in the network of SWWAN.

Please celebrate with us the first week of every August--and join SWWAN where women celebrate their strength, courage and joy every day (well, most days) of their lives!


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