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Single Working Women's Week

and Single Working Women's Day August 4

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Single Working Women's
Affiliate Network


"Enhancing the single lifestyle--and making
the world a better place for all!"




In celebration of
Single Working Women's Week

This year Single Working Women's Week is July 29 through August 4. And we're counting on you to continue to make a difference in the world.

Last year our Karat Cake party
raised $1000!

All for the American Red Cross
Disaster Relief Fund

    • Radiance Fine Jewelry hosted a party that couldn't be beat
    • Guests won fabulous prizes - including a diamond pendant!
    • SWWAN turned 5 last year - 2012 is our 6-year anniversary
    • We raised money for victims of earthquakes and other
      natural disasters in the US and around the world - read about good work of the Red Cross
    • or just Donate Now!

  • This year August 4 has been officially named Single Working Women's DAY!
  • No party this year, but we invite you to keep on giving!
  • And visit our partner Radiance Fine Jewelry, 2139 N. Damen Ave.

Single Working Women's Week

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