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Laugh, cry, dream, inspire others...share your stories!

How often have you started writing down some incredible episode in your life...maybe on sticky notes, or index cards, or the backs of bills, or some other scrap? A hundred times? You just KNOW no one will ever believe this... At SWWAN we're collecting your stories, and we're going to write a book about YOU-- the incredible single working woman! Oh, and if you'd like to win SWWAN of the Month, tell us about your milestones--you get points for each one on the SWWAN's Way! Click here.

Need story ideas?

When life hands you something exciting--or something tough, unfair, or way out of line with what you're "supposed" to have to do that you can only marvel how you made it through. Think of the many occasions--and share with other SWWANs how you handled it--when:

  • you knew you were getting laid off--and that unemployment would barely cover food and transportation
  • you had to get a loan to start your business but you didn't have any collateral
  • you understood at last that you were going to have to leave your marriage
  • you found you'd be taking care of your Down's Syndrome child virtually alone
  • you realized your employer would never allow you the flexibility you need for your child's--or your pet's--critical medical procedure
  • you had to carry your huge window air conditioner up 3 flights of stairs one May day when the weather suddenly hit 90 degrees
  • your not-that-old car dropped its transmission the day after you got hit with that huge self-employment tax bill
  • and on and on...

Yours are stories from the heart. And we know they are endless--and endlessly heartwarming.

Submit your story here! Submit your SWWAN story

When you send us your stories, we'll consider them for inclusion in The Book of SWWAN. Your stories from around the world will fill our book and we will be helping our societies become accountable. We are a force for helping to rectify the errors in policy and philosophy that create the barriers and the numerous obstacles that SWWANs and other living beings must negotiate throughout their lives.

Submit your story here.

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