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"Thanks for this wonderful website! As a SWW and mother I find it inspiring and supportive." - Diane, 54

"Keep up the good work. I will be sure to share this site with my friends." - Happily Single Working Woman

"I just listened to your Swwan Dive "Wellness" program, and I gotta say, wow!

I'm one who considers herself ahead in the holistic wellness lifestyle, as I've listened to my body and stopped drinking pop except for big screen movie times (and consider that okay, as such "ritual" comforts can be comforting), drink about a gallon of water a day, eat about 99% vegetarian, cook with organic foods, walk, dance, etc.

Yet this program makes me realize that the modern environment poses more challenges than I was aware. I'm forwarding the link to all my dear friends.

You did a wonderful job asking the right questions for clarification and for extensive info. I've heard two of your shows so far, and will make a point to follow the other links provided.

Thank you for providing a venue that spotlights women and what women can offer to our daily lives, education and awareness." - Jacquee Thomas,

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