Love the earth, love your clothes


Just heard about some folks who run a natural clothing store that pays fair wages, teaches women to sew, and uses only organic cotton to make simple, high-quality, timelessly styled dresses, capes, ponches, and more. We hope you’ll soon be able to purchase some their clothing here in our SWWAN store, but meanwhile, read about Organic Clothing and Eco-Goods (esperanza means hope):

Everyone wants to know why organic cotton is so important to us. The reason lies in the fact that conventional cotton is the second most heavily sprayed crop in the world [coffee is the first]. Typically, on an average size T-shirt, between a quarter to a half pound of pesticides are sprayed. …A major principle that guides us is the belief that all workers should be paid fairly. To this end we strive to pay fair wages and to teach and guide low-income individuals who wish to provide for their basic needs and the needs of their families.” (more here)

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