SuperBowl ads ignore women


Thanks to AskPatty for pointing this out on AdWeek. Did you watch the game? Did you see the famed SuperBowl ads?

I was stunned to see in one of the first ones the man is eating something or other (I had to go look it up to remember that it was Doritos) that allows him to make magic things happen–and the first thing he does is cause an attractive woman’s clothes to be stripped off her body. She’s standing there in her black bra, black underpants, and black GARTER BELT and stockings. Huh? What day and age is this?

If nearly half of the SuperBowl audience is women, and those women make 50 to 90% of the buying decisions in any particular sector of this country’s economy, what are you accomplishing by pandering to male fantasies and completely ignoring women’s sensibilities?

Never mind the GoDaddy ad suggesting women should shower together online to entertain male customers. What? I wonder how many of GoDaddy’s customers are women–women who increasingly set up web sites and need hosting and other services.

What’s the conclusion we can reach? That the companies that make the billions of dollars necessary to be able to spend millions on SuperBowl ads know the research–that 38% of the SuperBowl audience is female–and just plain don’t care. We’ve come a long way, baby…not.

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