What happens when your beloved pet dies?


Single women often have pets that are not just part of the family, but a rich source of affection and closeness and a ready source for the touch we must all have if we are to thrive in this world. Just petting your dog or cat can literally lower your blood pressure.

pet_heavenWhen a beloved pet dies, it can feel totally devastating to anyone, but single women might be even more vulnerable if they don’t have lots of people in their lives who like to hug, hold hands, etc. and whom they see frequently.

Dr. Karen Gail Lewis talked about this last night in her session, “Surprising Truths about Being Single in the Workplace.” She’s a family therapist who also specializes in helping single women reframe their feelings about being single. Not “having a man” is not the worst thing about being single. She’s got some profoundly revealing and supportive ideas about this whole topic. Check out her website: www.drkgl.com

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