Men who love and respect women–go forth and multiply!


You know, I’ve been meaning to get to this all month. And today’s almost the last day–of Women’s History Month. Did you know there’s actually a “national women’s history project“? Yep, visit it and be inspired.

Women–we are such complex and wonderful creatures, are we not? Is it any wonder that there has been so much effort over the centuries to keep women out of power, out of politics, out of sight? I think it was Aristotle or Plato or one of those early wise guys who said, “If woman should ever becomes man’s equal, she will quickly become his superior.” Now just think how long ago that was…

With the rise of increasing numbers of independent single working women, the sight of women being strong and successful in their own right becomes ever more common.

Let us hope that the wise and loving men in our world who give women their due will spread their wisdom and multiply their kind in great numbers. And then we can look forward to the day when the new reality will no longer be considered a threat.