Women's lives


Everybody knows that women operate on a different plane than men do. Most of us have the ability to concentrate on many things at once, and most guys don’t. If you’ve ever read any of Dave Barry’s stuff, you may remember the cute illustration he used to make this point. The diagram of the woman’s brain is divided into about 300 separate segments, each labeled with a critical piece of a woman’s life–buy groceries, walk dog, clean carpets, dust, work, read to kids, plan dinner, consider career change, etc. etc.

The guy’s brain is shown segmented into three parts–food, beer, and football–in almost equal measures.

Thanks to the RE:INVENTION blog about marketing to women, we’ve got this tidbit… Executive women–who now make up about 1/3 of all company relocations–typically take longer than men to return to full productivity after the move. I wonder why? I added a little comment over there, too. Enjoy–they’ve got a lot to say.