Cool – Brazil celebrates Women’s Orgasms during Single Working Women’s Week!


It’s hard to say whether Brazil’s International Women’s Orgasm Day (August 8), which falls right in the middle of Single Working Women’s Week (August 4 – 10 this year) is more about encouraging women to acknowledge and celebrate their sexuality, or more about guys wanting to have an excuse to talk about women’s orgasms.


Ecstasy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Either way, it’s funny and nice that it coincides with Single Working Women’s Week. Hope everybody’s having a very gratifying week.

And if that includes having an orgasm, go for it. Women who have orgasms more frequently are said to have happier dispositions, better health, and less pain. Check out these top 10 surprising facts about orgasm at Women’s Day online. 

And don’t forget to do something nice for the single women in your life!

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The state of singleness–stats and the Christian viewpoint


Looking around for another way to get the word out about our upcoming holiday – Single Working Women’s Week. Checking out Google adwords, I thought well, single women would not be looking for the term “single women” on the Internet (probably even if they were gay!). So I was trying to think of another term. Typed in “single men” just for the helluvit and found this interesting website that claims to have statistics (from 2002 census data) on the rate of single men to single women by county all across the U.S.

Not that women are typing in that term either, though–except for dating and matchmaking sites. Seems the Internet has replaced the local church as the place for singles to meet. Which brings me to the long Christian tract I found about how single people must accept their condition as God’s will. A particularly telling quote from a male missionary about how it’s not necessarily tough to be single everywhere:

“Our North American society is structured definitely for couples. Not so the tribe of Ayangan Ifugaos among whom I work. Although 99 percent of the men are married, they don’t look at the one percent as weird. The social cost only hits me when I return home–in the churches, among Christians, who, of all people, should know better.”

Yes, they do a lot of talking about why it’s okay to be single, all the while pointing out the Jesus himself was single–and celibate. In the Christian world if you’re single you can never express your sexuality physically.

Wouldn’t the world be a different place if everyone observed that dictum…