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SWWAN, Single Working Women’s Affiliate Network. Enhancing the single life makes the world a better place for everyone.

SWWAN, the Single Working Women’s Affiliate Network, started out as a way to help single women around the world learn to celebrate their courage and creativity. Chase’s Calendar of Events has established two international holidays – Single Working Women’s Day (August 4 each year) and Single Working Women’s Week (the full week containing August 4).

Barbara Payne, then a single working woman for more than 25 years – 12 of which were also as a single mom – founded SWWAN in 2006 after three single friends, drinking champagne and eating strawberries on Easter Sunday morning, got to wondering why it is there are dozens of holidays for moms, dads, married people (anniversaries), getting-married people, lovers, etc. but nothing anywhere to recognize the unique contributions of single women to the world.

Why August 4 for Single Working Women’s Day? Because it’s the birthday of one of the most courageous, kind and generous single women we’ve ever known. A perfect date.

Thus was SWWAN born, and the day and week dedicated to celebrating single working women who do it all. Not only do they bring home the bacon, but they also shop for it, cook it, serve it and clean it up, then take out the garbage, walk the dog and fix the sink (or call the repairman!). Hurray for ever-single women, for divorced singles, for single moms and for every woman who does it all.

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