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Got a copy of a wonderful magazine in the mail the other day. Have no idea where it came from–I didn’t subscribe as far as I know. It’s called BeE Woman, For the woman who is interested in politics, lifestyle and finance. It’s supposed to appeal to “active, hardworking, educated women between 25 and 54” (who pays attention to age restrictions?).

Listen to this article title: “Are you a little bit married?” Reflections on the fallout for so many couples who live together without formal marriage (surprise! it often turns out to be a bad deal).

This sounds like it was created just for a lot of us SWWANs. …”enlightened, empowered, engaged, inspired, and striving for financial independence.” Interesting, I see they got a lot of press coverage early on in 2005, but don’t see anything for this year.

Well, let us at SWWAN be the first to write about you, BeE, and tell you what a stellar publication you’re putting out. As we build our membership we will certainly be recommending your magazine to everyone! Check out their website here.

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