Nuclear weapon tested in North Korea


News like this is not good for people and other living things. North Korea has detonated a nuclear “test” as a deterrent to a U.S. attack.

I just finished watching the History channel’s story on how the atomic bomb was invented. Albert Einstein was talked into using his influence to convince President Roosevelt to urge U.S. scientists to create the technology before Germany did. After the war we found that Germany wasn’t even remotely close to getting it. And then it was too late–the Cold War was underway and kids in school were being taught to dive under their desks in the event of an attack (a ridiculously futile maneuver in the case of an atomic bomb).

Someone said the other day that the 20th century was the most violent in human history–World Wars I and II, Korea, Israel, Vietnam, and countless others. With this news, it’s looking like a new cold war is threatening to start off the 21st century. Let’s do all that we can to see that the 20th century keeps that dubious distinction.

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