Raise your voices!


It’s that time again–and single U.S. women in droves (estimate is 20 million) did not vote in the 2004 elections. But the truth is, your voice matters. Think about this, single women who DID vote made up 22% of the voting population–ladies, that’s a lot of voting power! A quote from the president of NOW:

“Without our voices, so many of the issues that affect our families will not become a priority. Without our voices our perspective on how to solve some of our nation’s and our state’s most intractable problems will not be taken into account.”

Here’s a helpful hint from Missy, a SWWAN in Las Vegas:

“I just found a really great site that gives a good overview of issues/questions up for a vote this year! Just enter your zip and PRESTO – the issues are broken down and explained in non-legal-ese!! I thought I would pass it along – it really made me rethink a few issues that I thought – first blush – I understood!”

Like many people, you may feel uncomfortable because you don’t have a handle on the who/what/why of voting (you mean you don’t have time to study all 34 of the candidates running for those 6 judge positions?–of COURSE you don’t–you’re a single working woman!). This site can help, especially with issues. www.vote-smart.org

Let’s make it a grand SWWAN year at the polls.

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