Rescue Halloween?


I live in a densely populated area of Chicago and didn’t get one trick-or-treater yesterday. Do you suppose this cartoon says anything about why Halloween seems to be deteriorating as a holiday? Worse yet, look what happened to a friend here. It used to be that if you lived–like the ones close to where I lived for 18 years–in a neighborhood like Shaker Heights (meaning money), with lots of single-family homes (meaning kids) close together (meaning not too far to walk), you were gold for candy. But it doesn’t seem to reliably happen that way these days.

I wonder if the Jeff Park neighborhood where I grew up in Chicago got any? My sister and 7 brothers and I used to love to run from house to house after school. Of course, that was a long time ago

I bet we could save this holiday if we tried. But maybe we’re all just too busy with other pursuits. Ah, well.

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