Single British women travelers winning respect


There are just too many of us around the world. Every industry is beginning to recognize they can’t stick us in the corners (there aren’t enough!) or sneeze at our money. This Observer article says the number of single British travelers (including men, too) has ballooned from 9.6 million a decade ago to a huge 15.4 million today. Companies that book independent travel–not packages–are saying bookings are up by 68% just this year!From 50 to 70 percent of single British travelers are women, and they include even married and “living with” women who are vacationing solo.

Hotels are learning to cater to the unique needs and desires of women traveling alone. Here’s a savvy rundown on what women want when they stay in hotels. Intelligent hotel owners are dumping the “single room supplement” idea–they’re realizing they can no longer afford to discourage this newly mobile and affluent contingent of travelers by charging a premium for their business. A Caribbean travel website talks about how women alone can enjoy themselves and lists hotels that are respectful of single women. A French ski resort in Chamonix caters to “individuals,” and a British travel agency gives tips and tricks for solo women on holiday. At last, things are beginning to change. We’re glad to be here helping it along!

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