Do you think "survive" instead of "thrive"?


Fascinating premise: “People and companies are not prepared to win. They don’t want to win; they rather focus on surviving.”

Is this how you think? Many of us do, especially when the chips are down (certainly not an unknown situation in a SWWAN’s life). Have just been introduced to a woman in Finland who’s written a fascinating book, “The Winning Helix, The Art of Learning and Manifesting Your True Potential” that talks about how to eliminate this kind of thinking with concrete solutions.

Cristina Andersson, a business consultant, a serious opera singer, and a hockey-team/fan club helper, realized that what she had learned during her life commitments could be distilled into a system for learning. A system that people could use to turn random activities into powerful steps towards reaching their goals. She says:

“My research…resulted in a process model that combines the winning attitude with an intensive action-learning process. As a metaphor for the process I found the Dna-doublehelix that appeared to be genius and illustrating exactly all those different aspects of learning that I had in mind.”

Find out more here.

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