Single working women choose to become moms


Two great stories of hard-working single women who decided, that despite not finding Mr. Right, they wanted to become mothers. I love the part about how one of them was required to visit a psychotherapist “to see if she was doing it for the wrong reasons.” Oh, brother. If anything, maybe we ought to be requiring that sort of thing of ALL prospective parents, including married couples. In any case, the therapist pronounced her “much more prepared than many married couples” to have a child. After having her first child through artificial insemination, this young woman went on to adopt a second child who came from Kazakhstan. When that child, Emily, asks again how she got here, her mom tells her, “Chris (her brother) grew in my belly; you grew in my heart.”

In the second case, the mom who was an inner city teacher was already nurturing in her classrooms many children of the foster care system. When she knew it was time to become a mom, she decided to adopt mixed-race kids–having the advantage of understanding and having dealt with the kinds of issues kids can have when they’ve been in that system. I love this: she takes the kids to visit their siblings who were adopted into other families!

Beautiful stories. Courage. Compassion. Caring. Bless the single working women who find it in their hearts to face the challenges and the obstacles involved in giving their love and commitment to children.

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