No time to exercise? Don't "sweat" it


Even if you can’t get to the gym–and lots of single women/single moms literally don’t have a spare hour–cheer up. All that work you’re doing to keep your life organized is probably enough to improve your health and longevity as much as a gym workout.

According to an article in the Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource, research on an older population indicates that any activity where you spend energy may help prolong life. That means when you’re vacuuming, mopping the floor (they mention washing windows, but hey, if a single woman doesn’t have time for the gym, I’m gonna guess she wouldn’t dream of investing time in washing windows!), doing lawn work, or caring for other people will do the trick. That also includes walking and volunteering.

The study showed there was a direct and major correlation of lower risk of death among those with the highest energy expenditures. High expenders reported climbing stairs or working for pay as a daily part of their lives.

Don’t you love to hear good news for a change!? ” ))

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