Male baby caretakers?


More men are signing up for jobs as male nannies, or “mannies,” according to this story in Australia. It says “Mannies are huge in the U.S….” Well, a little checking–namely a Google search on “male nannies”–yields a bunch of entries, mainly from the UK and Australia, that more debate than confirm that statement. The exception may be that a few high-profile movie stars have hired males to help care for their kids.

Concern is natural in this area, just as it has always been with the idea of male babysitters. As long as the preponderance of sexual abuse continues to be found among males (yes, females are known to do so, but at a generally much lower rate), most single moms (and married moms for that matter) will choose not to put their children in the charge of an outside male, possible exceptions being for time-limited, specific activities.

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