Happy “Single Working Women’s Week”!


August 1 – 7, 2010. It’s your chance to roar. To give and receive gifts of time and stuff. To celebrate the joys and talk about the challenges of the single life with your fellow SWWANs (single working women). Get some single friends together and have fun!

We talked on our radio appearance last week with Dr. Karen Gail Lewis about the need for consciousness-raising about being single—for general members of society as well as among ourselves. And as she and Dr. Bella DePaulo consistently point out, we need to develop a new language around being single—eliminating stereotypical phrases that subtly (or not so subtly) make being single sound like a shameful disease or pathetic condition.

And how’s this for an idea? A group in Florida has created a video game designed to help middle school girls resist sexual pressures from boys.  Can you imagine having to face that kind of pressure in middle school? They’re barely getting started on puberty!

Anyway, listen again this week to our favorite women’s empowerment topics. This Thursday Lore Raymond will talk briefly about Single Working Women’s Week and then present her session, Opening Hearts and Inspiring Action.  Visit the Women On The Verge of Evolution website to register and listen. And check out the hotel and conference deals for SWWAN members at the international convocation they’re holding in September.

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