Single working women and single working men – a play about a story


Went to a wonderful play reading today at Chicago Her-Rah, a festival put on by The International Centre for Women Playwrights–3 days of readings held in this wild little venue on North Avenue in Chicago called Around the Coyote.

Heard about this through a new acquaintance whose friend’s was one of the plays being read–a sparkling depiction of the New-York-intellectual-neurotic malfunctioning male/female dynamic that captured the essence of what’s going on between so many men and women today. Depressing kind of, full of angst but also tenderness and lots of humor… Read with only a commentator, no scenery, lights or anything, it was “Manhattan Cassanova” and it was mesmerizing. Remember the playwright’s name: Jenny Lyn Bader.

The festival is a once-a-year event that honors female playwrights everywhere. Wish I’d had time to see a few more. Next year it’s in Roumania. Read more on their website

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