The joy of sharing


Since I moved to Chicago and we started SWWAN, I have met many wonderful, dynamic passionate women. And with several of these cool ladies I've been able to begin the long and enriching process of building a friendship.

Last night two of my new, single-women friends had a few minutes to spare while they were in the neighborhood. I was delighted to invite them over for a glass of wine–and realized again how precious it is to share one's home and one's efforts towards festivity with others.

If you're one of the single people who tends to go visiting at the holidays rather than have people over, why not start a new tradition of your own? Decorate to your taste and invite a friend or two over to enjoy it with you.

And I highly recommend you get one of those "roaring fire" videos if you don't have a real fireplace. It is truly comforting to have the firelight–be sure to get one that actually burns the wood. You won't see a whole lot of change, but it's enough to feel like you've got something really happening.

Heck, I haven't turned on the TV since I got mine. That's pretty cool.

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