Persevere—it's all that counts


I walked out of the house yesterday morning and heard a bird singing.

A bird.

I hadn’t been paying attention that the birds weren’t singing lately. So it was a lovely surprise to hear that sound. Do the birds who stay in the temperate zone all year not sing during the really cold weather? Do they, like us, tend to put their little beaks to the grindstone when conditions make it necessary to focus exclusively on surival? Makes sense. I remember noticing this delightful sound on other early-warming days of earlier winters. What a delight.

Birds singing is an early sign of spring…unfailingly they sing, just as hope springs eternal. As we talked about today in the Ladies Who Launch incubator meeting–be like a child, who doesn’t just try to learn to walk, she just keeps falling down and continues until she learns. He doesn’t just try to learn to get his fingers to pick up a tiny button, he keeps on until he can do it.

So don’t just “try” to do what you want, keep on until you succeed.

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