Valentine's Day – it's not just about dates and mates


Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate your feelings for everyone you love–the children you know (even if they’re yours!), your friends and relatives, co-workers, etc. Bring some joy into the office with Valentine’s Day tokens.

Since we don’t normally talk about dating (there are more than enough of those sites and sources out there), we thought this might be an okay topic for this holiday–for those of you who date. “National database lets women report–and look up–bad guys”

Wouldn’t you like to know if the guy you’re dating is secretly married? Would you like to know ahead of time if they guy who just asked you out has a pattern of trying to get money out of his girlfriends?

Now you may be able to just look him up on the Internet and find out.

She survived enough abuse herself, so Stephany Alexander decided to set up an online database where women could report cruel, nasty, abusive, unfair, cheating and other types of bad behavior on the part of the men they got involved with. Especially useful since guys who do this to one woman often tend to do it to every woman they go out with.

Stephany shared how she got the idea and gave tips on how to keep yourself safe with online dating when we interviewed her for our SWWAN Dive Internet radio show recently. Check it out here.

And here’s another site that gives out official verifications and certifications for your honesty. Of course, these are products you must purchase, but perhaps that’s where we’re coming to in our world. Take a look at HonestyOnline.

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