Pesticide-laden foods to avoid buying…and introducing SWWAN stuff


Single women cannot afford to be sick–and we have to take care of ourselves when we do get sick. So eating healthier is one thing we can do for ourselves. Seems certain foods retain much more of the nasty pesticides used today and consequently end up not being good for you, in spite of their high nutrition load. It’s not good news for those of us who try to thrive on fruits and veggies.

But at least this article gives some nutritionally equivalent non-organic food alternatives that aren’t so bad. The answer, they suggest, is to buy locally from folks who don’t use all that commercial poison. So look for a farmer’s market near you and shop there faithfully.

Strawberries (boo-hoo)
Spinach (double boo-hoo)
Bell peppers
Mexican cantaloupe (how the heck does the poison get beyond that thick rind?)
Apples (oh, NO!)
Fresh apricots
Green beans (my personal nightmare because I LOVE them so much)

If you can’t find these organically grown, click to read the healthier non-organic food alternatives.

Meanwhile, we just couldn’t resist adding a little extra fun to SWWAN. So we created a few items you can use to proclaim your pride and joy at being a SWWAN and/or SWWAN mom.

Know a single mom with a little one? Get her a happy Mother’s Day gift that proclaims how much her baby is loved! Click for more cute SWWAN stuff. Please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see in our SWWAN stuff store.

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