Single life – what’s it like for you?


Greetings, SWWAN readers. My apologies for having been away so long. It has been a time of great upheaval and change for me. Now that things have died down to a smaller roar, I’m eager to get back to writing about the wonders of single life.

It has been clear as we’ve grown the numbers of members and readers that we have single women from a multitude of different circumstances. And for most of us, one strong certain common bond is being single in today’s couples-oriented U.S. society. But we also have members from countries as far away as China, Australia, Africa, England and more. It seems likely they must face some of the same issues and that’s why they were attracted to SWWAN.

Interestingly, we had one reader unsubscribe last year because she said, “I’m over 70, employed part-time and taking care of my aged mother. I haven’t read anything here that relates to my situation.” So I guess for her, it wasn’t so much about being single but about the other aspects of her life that she wanted to hear/talk about.

Some SWWANs moms have jobs.  Some are self-employed. Some are ever-single and some are divorced. Some are 40-somethings or baby boomers and older, and some are late 20s or 30-somethings. Some are single moms and some are great aunts or only adult children. The overriding reason SWWAN came into existence was to honor the specific experiences of being a single working woman—the joys, fears, burdens, the struggle and the exhilaration of facing life with mainly only yourself to count on.  It’s an experience that no one can relate to if they haven’t lived it. And many who did live it but have gone on to other circumstances quickly forget the intensity of the single life.

We set SWWAN up originally to do many things, including awarding points for single-life milestones and to collect and eventually publish stories from our readers. We haven’t had the staff and the bandwidth to do all that we wanted. But now I’d like to ask our members and readers to weigh in on what single life is like for you—and the things you’d most like to see us set as goals. I’ll create a short survey and send a link out in the next week or two. Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

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