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Do you feel like you’re in a rut?

Last year we were privileged to have Monika Moss visit us on the SWWAN Dive radio show. Here’s a link to her session on Life Mapping—her own specially developed technique for breaking through the dailiness and getting to where you really want to go.

She’s doing a public seminar during the upcoming holiday made just for SWWANs, Single Working Women’s Week. If you’re anywhere near Cleveland and you want to change your life, here’s the info:

Life Mapping: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Path Finding
Retreat Seminar
with Monika K. Moss

August 7, 2010 10 am – 5 pm
Register here

If you feel stuck.  If you feel like you need support making this transition.
If you have forgotten what you dreamed of being when you grew up.  If you just can’t seem to figure out what is holding you back.  Come spend the day mapping your life with Monika K. Moss.

For over 20 years, Master Mapper, successful business consultant and life coach, Monika K. Moss has been making her dreams come true through this process called Life Mapping.  She has dedicated her talents to helping people transform themselves and move toward a more peaceful and enlightened way of being. Monika shares her Life Mapping process which has helped hundreds of individuals chart a map to their ideal lifestyle, enrich their lives and bring added value to their family, organizations and community.   The exercises in the book allow anyone to map a route from vision to reality. Life Mapping has guided Monika in overcoming life’s obstacles and creating a road to success, happiness and joy.  Spend the day with Monika and create a road map to your ideal life style.

This one-day retreat will guide you through the process so you leave with a clear vision, new awareness about what is getting in the way and an action plan for the next 90 days to guide you and keep you focused.

Upcoming Retreat:
The Mandala Center for the Healing Arts
114 East Park Street (Chardon Square, 44024, two doors from the library in the brown building, parking lot in front)

August 7, 2010 10 am – 5 pm
Register here

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How far would you go to clear the clutter?


An old friend has decided her home/space is too crowded. But can you imagine–she’s going to live without a TV and VCR? I’m sure I could adapt eventually, but it seems that television/movies have been pretty good friends for a couple of years(especially during a recent recuperation–though I’m reading a LOT, too).

It’s a hard habit to break because it’s so easy to just settle down and let yourself be entertained. Watched Amadeus last night–I remember when I first saw it years ago I was so turned off by the way the guy played Mozart’s character (sleazy and laughing like an idiot) that I refused to watch it. Turns out it was pretty good once I got past that part. And the MUSIC! I like movies with good music in them. I love the movie Ray, and Walk the Line, and the one about the life of Jerry Lee Lewis.

How far would you go to clear out your life? What would you be willing to give up? How hard do you think it would be for you to adapt to life without TV or movies? Imagine if we had a massive electrical failure (like we did several years ago when the grid went out for a couple of days) and we’d have not only no TV but also no computers! I think I’m going to get on the Internet right now and buy one of those hand-crank-powered radios. Hey, maybe I’ll even buy a manual typewriter so I can keep writing. But then…I’d just be putting more clutter in my space.

On second thought, my hand-written journals have always been a comfort when I’ve had time. Guess without computers, I’d have a lot of time since these days, as a freelance writer, I’m in front of one virtually 10 to 12 hours a day. I remember vaguely there’s a non-computerized way for writers to make a living, but it can’t be as easy as writing from my home office.

Does your clutter ever get you down?