Can you really make money working from home?


Many single working women are always on the lookout for ways to increase cash flow. And usually already having a full-time job somewhere–or being a more-than-full-time entrepreneur–you may find the idea of making extra money out of your home passionately appealing.

I wonder who among us has not been tempted at some time to respond to the posters on the electric poles and the ads in the local papers, promising thousands of dollars a month for stuffing envelopes. If you did, let’s hope you haven’t invested anything. offers some solid information on avoiding those enticing work-at-home offers that usually end up costing you one way or another. And here’s their take on companies/jobs with legitimate work-at-home possibilities.

Now the other option of working at home is to become an entrepreneur. See our previous post on that topic for ideas on finding the courage to start a business from home.

Conquering the fear of being an entrepreneur


It takes tremendous courage and commitment to become an entrepreneur. And it can be even harder if you’re a single woman–let alone a single mom. Not only because you often don’t have any kind of financial backup, but you seldom have anyone else to help with anything. And if you don’t have a financial cushion, that gets even more problematical.

This interview of the author of a book about entrepreneurial moms talks about a big secret when you create your own business–you are your biggest asset. A nice quote:

With the help and support of family and friends, she [a woman in an abusive marriage] not only got out of a bad situation, she started a business and regained her self-respect. That day was a turning point for me, when I realized how profoundly women could be impacted by a little bit of knowledge and encouragement.

Sound familiar? I can totally relate. When I wanted to start my own business, I was held back by my fear of there being enough work out there. And one day, I stumbled on an article about freelance writing as a career that said “almost every company uses freelance writers.” That was all I needed to know.

Oh, and a couple of years ago, a friend who runs her own very successful massage/trigger-point-therapy business, said her brother–a successful serial entrepreneur himself–told her this about it: “If you’re any good at what you do, you’ll make a living.”

If you’re dying to try your own business, take these words of encouragement with you.


Botswana invites women to join forces in business


Hey, I like this idea! In Botswana they’re having a conference to talk about a “cluster model” as a way to help women/sole proprietors combine forces (and resources) to be able to more effectively conquer their unique business challenges:

  • lack of entrepreneurial skills
  • lack of working capital
  • lack of capacity to deliver large orders
  • lack of promotional strategies, and
  • lack of specialized machinery

all of which can result in

  • poor quality products
  • uncompetitive pricing
  • poor customer service

True for so many women struggling alone to start a business. A representative of the Botswana government talks about the benefits of the cluster approach… “Women entrepreneurs are grouping nowadays but the way they do it is not systematic. The model will assist them to work as business entities as it advocates for separation of functions according to design and marketing as well as production entities.” The structure and discipline of the model will include economies of scale through specialization and improved systems.

Wow. Many single working women entrepreneur-wannabes could use some of that over in the U.S., too. The key over there is that the government is providing the model and the access and the assistance with locating the businesses. Some places in the U.S. have education for women fledgling business owners (Chicago’s Women’s Business Development Center is very good at this). Ladies Who Launch is a private group that works towards the online/community/incubator model.

All I can say is, “More!”

Note: The Republic of Botswana’s tagline is inspiring: Democracy, Development, Self-reliance and Unity. Cool.