Can you really make money working from home?


Many single working women are always on the lookout for ways to increase cash flow. And usually already having a full-time job somewhere–or being a more-than-full-time entrepreneur–you may find the idea of making extra money out of your home passionately appealing.

I wonder who among us has not been tempted at some time to respond to the posters on the electric poles and the ads in the local papers, promising thousands of dollars a month for stuffing envelopes. If you did, let’s hope you haven’t invested anything. offers some solid information on avoiding those enticing work-at-home offers that usually end up costing you one way or another. And here’s their take on companies/jobs with legitimate work-at-home possibilities.

Now the other option of working at home is to become an entrepreneur. See our previous post on that topic for ideas on finding the courage to start a business from home.

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