Working women tired? Oh, come on


Talk about belaboring the obvious… The National Sleep Foundation reports 72% of working mothers and 68% of single working women (the highest groups among women) feel sleepy during the day and have sleeping problems at night. Perhaps they didn’t want to belabor it any further by studying single working mothers as a separate group?…

Conducting a study to find out that single working women and working mothers are sleepy feels like spending money to research whether dogs have tails. Wouldn’t it be nice if we found something more useful to study, like here are some ways we can make women’s lives a little easier. Here are some ways we can recognize women for all that they do. Here are some ways we can help ease the financial and time burdens on those who are the sole support of their households.

Well, one day we will. But for now, ladies, we applaud you for your courage, your commitment, and your creativity in making your lives–and the lives of your families–work.

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