Problem? Get answers from your subconscious


How often do you consult your inner genius when you have a problem to solve? I remember telling some members of a client company about how I often wake up in the morning and have these amazing thoughts about what to write for my latest client project…that I considered this information sent from the universe and not of my own generation. Like a muse, for which I’m merely the receiver. Oh, how they looked at me like I was crazy. We single working women–especially those of us who live alone–have an extra good chance of meeting this muse frequently.

I suspect they were mainly just too tired in the mornings to have ever noticed their innner guidance. Because I believe we all have it. Sometimes, it’s about trusting your ‘still, small voice’…your feelings about conscious decisions (Vera Nadine does a nice job talking about this), but I’m also talking about letting your deep subconscious give you answers that your conscious mind isn’t able to access. It’s a secret we can all use. Before you go to sleep, present your mind with a problem or issue you need an answer for. Then when you wake up (even to pee in the middle of the night even), stay quiet and listen. Don’t talk to a roommate or bedmate. Just remain quiet as you slowly wake up. Keep a pen and notebook handy next to your bed and a small light you can turn on without jolting yourself fully awake.

As you swim slowly up into consciousness, you are almost sure to hear ideas for solving your dilemma. If nothing comes at first, go back to sleep and let it happen again. You’ll be surprised at how original and creative some of your answers will be.

Caution: This works better if you weren’t partying too hearty the night before.

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