Single working women – our votes can influence history


Hard to believe that only 90 years ago some of our Grandmothers and Great-grandmothers were in the streets fighting for a woman’s right to vote. And back in the early 1900s some women even got arrested, beaten and tortured in the fight.

But believe it: women—especially single working women who have voted in lower numbers in the past—could have a dramatic impact on election results by casting their ballots in force. Perhaps because women are so busy–and some of us might feel confused or hopeless about making a difference–women tend not to vote. Believe that your vote is critical. REGISTER to vote if you haven’t. You’ve got ’til October 6. Check out your Secretary of State’s website to see if you can register online You can also register in person at a public library, motor vehicle bureau or county board of elections.

Learn the truth about candidates

How do you know who to vote for? Some of us inform ourselves and vote strictly along party lines. But in order to truly make the most informed choice, what we really need to do is get a cross-section of opinions. Don’t just trust the ads and the party-line websites. Check out the following for information and commentary about where presidential candidates stand on issues.

P.S. I’ve just removed one of the sources I had originally listed because I did some reading after receiving a comment from a reader and realized that I had named a source that I don’t now believe to be truthful or clear. My apologies for not checking my sources more carefully.

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