Early holiday thoughts


Got my fresh pine greens delivered with the groceries today. Brought up the little fake Christmas tree from storage and cleaned up the last of the plant stuff from the deck.

i'm ready now, both for winter and for the Christmas season. But being ready is more about emotional grounding in gratitude than about physical stuff. Yet tradition and symbols can be powerful incentives to having the right frame of mind.

Seems like Thanksgiving is a great groundbreaker for the rest of the holiday season. Just celebrating our bounty, welcoming those who don't have formal plans but want to share, preparing our hearts for feeling and expressing the love in our hearts perhaps a bit more openly than usual.

What do you do for Thanksgiving? Do you share with friends? Or are most of your friends busy with family? What about a single working woman (or anyone for that matter) who doesn't have family?

Having had a very challenging year this 2008, I found myself crying deeply the first few times I heard Christmas songs on the radio. Seems my heart is pretty grateful to be here and celebrating this beautiful time of year. I hope yours is, too.

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