Quicky novel review: One single woman's funny story


It’s a novel, but it has the ring of truth to it–Life’s A Beach, by Claire Cook, bestselling author of Must Love Dogs. Truly funny and entertaining story of woman who is single again at 41 and living above her parents ‘ garage and trying to be an artist and figure out what she wants to do with her life. Depictions of her relationships with her parents, sister and boyfriend are wonderful. Seems she’s always keeping “one foot out the door.”

In a revealing argument with the boyfriend-she-can’t-seem-to-get-settled-with, they appear to be discovering their true feelings about the other’s choice of pets–but are really commenting on each other’s attitudes about their relationship:

“Cats, ” he said slowly and clearly, ” are for people who don’t really want to go out of their way. They’re as close as you can get to not having a pet. ” “Oh, okay ,” she counters, “Dogs, dogs are as close you can get to having a person in your life without really having one.”

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