Raising our consciousness


Many of us aren’t aware of the subtle and insidious ways that society disapproves of us for being single. A listener shared her reaction to the SWWAN Dive interview with Dr. Karen Gail Lewis the other day. We appreciate this passionate comment from her:

“As your interview with Dr. Lewis unfolded, I kept thinking ‘right on! right on! right on!”

“I sent the interview link to several coworkers – all professional women – who are recently or soon-to-be divorced and seem to be questioning why they feel so good about not having men in their lives. Dr. Lewis had the answer to that! I also sent the link to two friends who get depressed because they haven’t found mates, and to a career coach who had related to me that “research shows women generally have a tougher time in retirement than men” so they could hear Dr. Lewis’ challenges to biased research, ages-old cultural stereotypes and fears about single women.

“Her wise statement about being choosy in dating and getting involved with a man is key. Let’s drop the denial – there are many substandard men out there, men who are indifferent to women’s needs, their dreams and passions. These men STILL think women’s lives must revolve around them. No matter what planet they come from, I don’t believe it’s our JOB as women to teach these men how to relate. It was gratifying to hear my point of view validated! Here we are forty years into “liberation” and women keep selling themselves short – stop the insanity! As Dr. Lewis said, knowing who’s appropriate to let into one’s life, not just settling for anybody is key. That’s wisdom that should be spread far and wide!

“Thanks Barbara and Dr. Lewis for the great consciousness raising session and the resources you mentioned!” ~ S.W.

Car-buying adventures for single women


Take out the garbage. Clean up the dog puke. Nurse the baby. Order groceries (going to the actual grocery store is so last decade). Tell the nanny where the new formula is. Get an appointment with the doctor because you had a fever of 102 last night. Plan how to get to the doctor appointment before you go to work and how you’ll find the time to buy a new car.

Whew. A not-unusual single hour in a typical single mom’s day. But that buying a car thing, that’s a challenge that takes a lot of preparation and research if you want to make a smart choice at a reasonable price and get through the process with minimal hassle. Our SWWAN partner, AskPatty.com, is collecting stories from women just like you and me about your car (love it? hate it? can’t wait to get rid of it?) Go to CarBlabber to share yours.

Stay tuned. A great interview with Jody DeVere, founder of AskPatty.com, will soon be available for listening or downloading on SWWAN Dive radio for women!

And we’re looking for some single women who’d like to share their stories with us for an article we’re writing for AskPatty. So email us info at swwan dot org.