On living alone


Interesting discussion with another SWWAN this week. Asking if having someone live-in (friend, boyfriend, whatever) is substantially different from living alone. Some quiet reflections:

If you have a live-in, that’s someone who stays with you, whether you’re getting along or not. Someone who knows if you’re home or not, expects you at a certain time, and would think something might be wrong if you are late when your tire is flat and you’re stranded.

A live-in is someone who can SEE that you are sick—-you don’t have to call and tell them and then ask for help. It’s someone to help carry things, or who hears you scream if you slip in the shower and smack your elbow. And if that someone shares the expenses, that’s a huge thing, too.

Having a live-in makes a really big difference in how you experience life. Even if you have a perfect boyfriend who’s around a lot, it’s not the same as having someone live with you. You still have to make an effort and take some action to bring that person into your life at any particular moment.”

Beautifully said. As author Alice Walker so aptly puts it, when you have a live-in, that’s at least one side of you that’s covered. When you live alone, you’re vulnerable on all sides.

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