Single-woman business owners – Wow!


Many single working women dream of one day being their own boss. Part of what we do at SWWAN is donate 1% of all our proceeds to the Grameen Foundation, which helps underprivileged people (surprise, mainly women!) from all over the world by giving them low-cost loans and training on how to start their own successful businesses. It’s truly an organization that empowers people, and we are very proud to be able to support their work.

Meanwhile, check out the Solo Entrepreneur blog over at our fellow women’s site WorldWIT (stands for Women. Insights. Technology.) Mary McDonald operates her own consulting business and writes about day-to-day challenges of being a solo woman business owner–surely the most gratifying–and potentially terrifying–way to earn your living in this world. She talks about the ups and downs, the cash flow fears, the feast-or-famine cycles, the challenges of cloning yourself.

Now add to that your single state, and you’re talking about women who have strength and courage in such abundance that they are an inspiration to all of us. Love to hear your tales of single-woman, solo entrepreneur adventures. Send ’em to us here.

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