Chris King – single working woman dynamo


Many thanks to single-working-woman Chris King who writes a fantastic newsletter with productivity and creativity tips and resources. She tells us in today’s edition how to get some good learnin’ on your own time:

Free online classes in a plethora of topics, from digital photography, better PowerPoint presentations (heaven knows most of the ones we see could use some help) to oh-just-about-anything-you-can-imagine. HP’s are here. CNET’s are here.

Chris is a writer, storyteller, aerobic instructor (11 classes a week!) and facilitator. She’s all over the Internet and can give you great recommendations (her latest site for this is here). She’s a powerful, high-energy single working woman who gives her all to everyone who comes in contact with her (in person and online). To SUBSCRIBE to her “Random Tips and Productive Resources” along with “Portfolio Potpourri,” put “subscribe” in the subject line and e-mail here.

Thanks, Chris, for all you do.

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