SWWAN moms-by-choice can find half-siblings

Did you know that there’s an official bureau, The Donor Sibling Registry, that maintains listings of the children born of semen donors to single-mothers-by-choice!? And if your baby and you are the only two members of your family, or your siblings aren’t interested, and/or your parents are old or gone, you can get your child connected to half-brothers and half-sisters–in the case of prolific donors, LOTS of them–by registering with this service.

Thanks to Jennifer Egan for her wonderful “sperm donor” story in a March issue of the New York Times Magazine. Have absolutely no idea how I got a copy of this magazine in my possession, but I have no doubt that it was put there so I could help SWWAN moms who don’t yet know about this great service. So here’s their website. Co-founder Wendy Kramer puts her email in there so you can write specifically for information. Very cool stuff, Wendy and Ryan. Blessings to you and to all SWWAN moms-by-choice and their families.

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