Number of parents = healthy adults?


Kids who grew up with both parents working or with a single parent faced many struggles that kids in a financially-well-off home with two parents didn’t. Not to say that some of those kids don’t face unique challenges, too.

But you know, you can look at young grownups, one of whom was raised in a two-parent family and the other who was raised after the divorce, and you usually find they have their own unique hangups and issues. We can decry the end of the two-parent family–and I heaven knows it can be wonderful when you’ve got two emotionally healthy parents truly committed to using loving-but-with-clear-limits best practices in child rearing–but since when have we been producing flawless adults out of that arrangement? It just doesn’t happen, which says to me we’re barking up the wrong tree to assign blame to the single factor of the number of parents a kid is brought up with.

While “having it all” is a myth and always has been, it’s shortsighted to think that by an either/or equation we’ve exhausted the possibilities for finding better ways to raise kids to be healthy, happy, kind and caring adults.

A few statistics on how many of today’s young women are going to work, saving money, and then becoming moms.

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