Got a corporate stalemate? Check out mediation services


Single working woman Janice Kopec has spent 20 years in business as a negotiator, manager, and administrator. Not long ago she saw a need and decided to start her own professional mediation services business. To prepare herself, this single working mom found time in addition to her job and family to undergo the rigorous training required, and she also got certified in managing workplace conflict. Jan, tell us how you managed that!?

Her company, Southwest Mediation Services, offers mediation as an alternative to litigation for parties involved in a dispute. The service uses a process by which a neutral third party, the mediator, works with both parties to negotiate mutually beneficial settlements.

Jan works with a team of other professionally trained mediators to help both individuals and organizations resolve conflicts. Their main focus is business but they also work in other areas: *School *Elder *Divorce & Custody *Family *Post-Decree *Business and *Healthcare. The company is located in the Cleveland, Ohio area but serves businesses and others throughout the country.

Jan and her team members are happy to come and speak to you and/or your organization about how mediation can save money, frustration, and relationships.

Call Jan at 440.478.4233 or email her.

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