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It’s surprising to discover that you can change your attitude about something just from listening to a person speak at a public event. Liz Ryan, the founder and CEO of, an extraordinarily successful online community for women, inspired the heck out of me the other day when she spoke at a local workshop about how she got to where she is. And when I combed the website in detail, I found all of the writing so clear and honest and entertaining that I wanted to read everything!

Anyway, Liz writes and talks with passion and humor about her former life as a corporate HR exec (“I apologize to you right now for that,” she says as a deeply sincere aside) and her adventures since leaving that world. As we SWWANs know, we women are all about stories (our software to let you share yours here should be ready soon), and Liz and other WorldWIT bloggers and contributors have an endless supply to encourage and inspire every one of us. Particularly noted one today about gender pay equity–that is, how it doesn’t exist and what it really costs you over a lifetime (in case you need a hint: a LOT).

Thanks for the passion and the sharing and the joy, Liz and WorldWIT.

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