Uncovering hatred


When I heard about the racist comments comedian Kramer recently made to a heckler, my first thought was that maybe he was “being funny” in the way comedians can be (Jerry Seinfield’s standup is a perfect example), but then I read this story and I was appalled at the things he said. Eugene Robinson writes eloquently about how racism is so-not dead.

I wonder if it will ever disappear. Members of the human race all tend to want to divide the world up into “us” and “them” as a way to feel stronger, safer, more secure–better than. Racism is a classic case of what Freud first pointed out as psychological projection–a nice, neat way to put our own unacknowledged bad stuff onto other people.

Racism and sexism are two sides of the same coin. At SWWAN we are dedicated to helping eliminate both of them. And what a great thing to be thankful for…

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