Single women who relate to SWWAN


Lots of women become widows, many remaining quite comfortable financially. Some of them relate to the SWWAN mission, but in general it’s the older single women who either never married or, especially, those who are divorced and/or were single moms who empathize with the challenges of the single lifestyle, even when they are financially stable.

If you’ve never been completely on your own for an extended period of time, it’s hard even to imagine what it’s like to be in the world the way. My sister-in-law looks at me strangely. “Oh, yeah, I knew someone single once in another state.” The fact is there are millions of us–and many married people hardly know we exist! Hell, half the time we don’t even know many of our fellow travelers! That invisibility is something we’re out to change.

For many who were on their own but are now married and comfortable, they just want to put all that behind them. Don’t even want to think about how challenging that time was. For some who are successful professionally, they dread the very idea of being identified as single–as if it’s a stigma or a handicap of some sort–perhaps even afraid of being considered a threat or, maybe even worse, pathetic, a loser. These are ideas we’re out to change.

A smaller percentage of very young single women relate to the SWWAN message. Many are just beginning their search for Mr. Right–and it’s new and exciting to be out in the world with a job and dating. But for some who’ve seen what it’s like to surrender yourself in a bad relationship, SWWAN brings a light, too.

Welcome, wherever you are in the continuum. Welcome, even if you’ve gone on to the non-single life but you care. Welcome, if you’re a guy and you appreciate all that single women accomplish. Welcome, everyone, to SWWAN.

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