The universe in a smile


It happened today. My one-month-old granddaughter studied my face intently this morning–and a tiny little smile crept slowly across her lips.

Now I've seen those digestive-issue-induced smiles of hers–and let me tell you they'll charm the hell out of you, too. But this…this one looked like the real thing…the dawn of personal communication between me and that little girl.

Is there anything more thrilling than to feel that you have truly been seen by another human being? Not just looked at, or ogled (and we all know how much fun that can be when the mood is right), or looked through. No, I mean truly seen–genuinely recognized as the wondrous spirit you are.

That's how it feels when a baby smiles at you. As if all the good you've ever done is who you really are. And when it's a baby's smile, you know it has the whole universe of good and innocence in it.

What an incredible way to start the day. Go find yourself a baby… Or why not just practice seeing other people that way–then flash 'em your killer smile. You'll tranform their day–and brighten your own immeasurably.

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