The truth! Why we don't (much) like being naked


Been working through the “8 Minutes” book I told you about a couple of posts ago and ran across this interesting factoid about babies…

In the days when humans lived outside and didn’t wear much clothing, they had a lot of a different kind of fat, the kind that still surrounds our inner organs. Apparently babies have a much higher percentage of this – called “brown fat” – which burns calories and turns them into heat. That’s why babies always feel warm when you hold them and why they love to be naked much more than we adults!

Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil contain this type of fat–a product known to actually suppress your appetite!

A very svelte and savvy woman I know says buy the ground flaxseeds–much less expensive than the oil–and sprinkle them on your food. She uses this on her baked potatoes (along with fat-free yogurt–yum, that’s what I use), salads, and anything else that benefits from a touch of oil.

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