4 am awake


Do you ever wake up at 3:30 or 4 in the morning and can't get back to sleep? What do you do when the 4-am-eyes-wide-open-can't-find-a-relaxed-way-to-hold-your-legs times hit?

Do you wonder about a dream you just had? Or start worrying about a work issue, or maybe a personal relationship with a friend or family member? Or maybe, since you're faced with all this empty time before you have to get up and get started, you do all of those, cycling through them one by one.

This early-morning wakefulness seems to start happening more often as we grow older. Maybe we don't need as much sleep, but I know I always feel an odd sense of comfort when the subject comes up and someone else admits it happens to them, too.

At 4 am you can wonder about how the birds get started so early. You can examine your thoughts and get some distance from them–more easily, it seems, than when you're wakeful at midnight or 2 am. But then again, I'm a morning person. Maybe it's the opposite for night people.

Or maybe, if you like to write, you write in your journal or your blog. And hope what you're writing will still make sense when the sun comes up.

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