“Divorced” is single, too


Divorce 401 – the advanced stuff most of us don’t know

Many of us single women were not always single. And for those of us who are divorced, our perspectives on living single might be slightly different.

A while ago I talked with Christina Rowe, author of “Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce-What every woman needs to know,” about her work with and for divorced women. I asked her what made her write this book, and here’s what she said:

Christina: The obvious one is that I went through my own hellish nightmare when I got divorced. But the other reason is that I am passionate about helping women get through that experience and live successfully as quickly as possible afterwards.

Barbara: Boy, I wish I’d had some help like that when I got divorced. But you know, the Internet wasn’t around when I was going through it. What’s your take on how the Internet has changed realities for women?

Christina: The Internet has made it easy for women to access valuable information about the divorce process and educate themselves. There are also many online divorce forums and support groups, so you can communicate with other women in the same situation as you.

Barbara: You say about your book: “If you are a woman getting divorced you must know how to protect yourself, your children and your future. Everything is at stake now. Do not assume your husband will be fair, divorce is war.” Strong stuff. But totally spot -for the experience that many women go through.

Christina: The best way to get a divorce is to settle your divorce in a fair and amicable manner, but this is not always possible if your husband become adversarial and refuse to settle. Women need to know their rights and how to protect themselves and their children in the event their divorce turns ugly.

Barbara: Your book is a real how-to guide for women and divorce. You learned some really critical secrets that ended up getting you far more justice than you would have gotten otherwise.

Christina: If you are thinking about getting a divorce, it is critical you learn the divorce secrets to planning and executing a successful divorce.  That’s what I describe in detail in my book.  You need to take control of your divorce and find out what to do to make your divorce as painless as possible.

Barbara: I know you recommend other resources for women considering divorce, going through it, or having recently survived it. Can you share a few of those with our thinking-about-being-single readers?

Christina: If you go to www.secretsofdivorce.com, you can read a free chapter of my book, Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce. My blog is also full of information and resources at www.secrets-to-a-successful-divorce.blogspot.com

Barbara: What else should women know about your book?

Christina: You will learn the 7 steps you must take before asking your husband for a divorce, secret tips on finding the right divorce attorney, how to win in the courtroom, 7 signs of a cheating husband, what to do when your husband refuses to pay alimony and child support, the 3 essential things you must know to protect your children during a divorce, how to deal with the emotional aftershock of your divorce and much more.

If you’re a woman in the throes of the divorce war dance, attend one of Christina’s workshops and buy her book at www.secretsofdivorce.com/home.  Her book comes with a free 40 minute private coaching session over the phone.

Once again, check out Christina’s blog: www.secrets-to-a-successful-divorce.blogspot.com

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